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Taylor Dayne - Send Me A Lover

Send Me a Lover is found on the album Soul Dancing. Taylor Dayne — Send Me a Lover.

TAYLOR DAYNE: Send Me A Lover Guitar chords | Guitar Chords Explorer

Read More Lyrics: Send Me A Lover. Artist: Celine Dion.

I wasn't searchin' To end this hurtin' But out of nowhere you made me feel I cried about it I lied about it I tried to doubt this could be real You've touched me far to deep for this to be denied Only my fear stands in our way Oh oh oh oh oh Chorus Send me a lover Someone to believe in Please send me someone I can hold Baby now send me a lover A new beginning Someone to take away the cold And give me back What i've been missing All the love that waits inside your heart It still astounds me The way you found me Its almost to good to be true From our first meeting I had the feeling The rest of my life I'd spend with you I just can't turn my back on what I know is true I'm into you in every way Oh oh oh oh oh Chorus I thought that love was only a word That I would never feel All the passion that I hold inside was just a dream Out of your heart you say to me all that I imagine And I've fallen so in love with you Oh oh oh oh oh Chorus All the love that waits inside your heart.

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